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Alpha Omega is a Christian-owned business and is committed to the Church as a body and as individuals.  We have been serving churches for over 20 years.  Let us educate your church family about the importance of leaving a legacy through an Estate Plan.  


Revocable Living Trust Plan

 A Living Trust is a  legal entity designed to own and hold your assets for you. It is created  by a legal document that, like a Will, contains your instructions for  what you want to happen to your assets when you die. But, unlike a Will,  a Living Trust avoids Probate at death, can control all of your assets  and prevent the Court from controlling your assets at incapacity.  Because there is no Probate with a Living Trust, all expensive Court  proceedings and delays are eliminated.  


Our Mission

We focus on making this difficult topic, simple to understand.  We are here to serve people and help them leave a legacy that will impact their families, churches, and communities.


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