About Us

Alpha Omega Family Services

 Alpha Omega was formed in 1996 and provides educational services on estate planning, asset protection, and planned charitable giving in AZ, CA, MD, NV, TN, TX and VA. Alpha Omega has held over 18,000 seminars for various groups, in both public and private formats, both religious and non-religious. Our knowledgeable presenters cut through the legalese and present information in clear, everyday language to communicate what can be difficult to understand. Alpha Omega also helps facilitate the initial procurement of affordable estate planning services and legal services through an affiliate company with licensed provider attorneys in the states in which we operate. We have been blessed to educate and help thousands of people over the years.  As people are educated in solid estate planning, wealth/asset transfer concepts, and planned charitable giving strategies, they are able to make better decisions that will minimize the burden on their families, minimize tax consequences, ensure inheritances are better managed by their heirs, and pass meaningful gifts to their local churches and other charitable organizations.

Gene Adams: Founder and President

Gene founded Alpha Omega Family Services in 1996 with a desire to help people maintain control of their assets and pass them efficiently along to their heirs without court interference and costly attorney fees that are associated with the probate process. He has conducted over twenty five hundred seminars, speaking to people in different parts of the country and educating them on the ways to preserve their estate.

Gene has been married to Judy since 1972, and is the father of Coury and Chanda, and the poppy of Ashton, Avery, Jayda, Ayden, and Joshua.