Church Seminars

Mark 10:45 says, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many.”

Alpha Omega Seminars

• Length: 1 Hour 15 minutes with Q&A
• Living Trust vs. Will – Advantages and Disadvantages
• How to ease burden for your family
• Power of Attorney, Advance Health Directives
• Minimizing tax consequences
• Guardianship issues for children
• Provisions for grandchildren
• Planned charitable giving to local church and other charities

Why Partner With Us?

Alpha Omega is a Christian-owned business and is committed to the Church as a body and as individuals. Benefits of partnering with us include:

* The means for your members to leave a percentage of their estates to the church, without delays
* Promotion of Godly values
* Enables your church to offer a professional seminar to your congregation at no cost or obligation
* Offers your congregation an opportunity to learn about information they have been thinking about for years
* Excellent outreach opportunity in your community. Your members can invite friends and neighbors to a “Non Churchy” event

If you would like more information on how you can partner with us and host a FREE Estate Planning seminar, please contact Glenn Wagner at 800-350-6376 or contact him via the form below.

Estate Planning from a Christian Perspective

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Leaving a legacy for the lord's work


Leaving a Legacy for the Lord's Work & Other Causes through Bequests

Leaving a legacy for the Lord's work supports the furtherance of Christian ministry and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is also important to support other meaningful causes, such as medical and educational related. Bequests are the most common way people pass parts of their estates to charity. The following steps will help you decide how to accomplish your bequest goals.

Step 1: Decide which causes to leave a legacy to.

Many Christians desire to leave a legacy to their church and other causes dear to their hearts.

  1. Your church
  2. Association/Denomination/Foundation
  3. Christian/Mission organization (missions, widows, orphanage, etc.)
  4. Specific services/medical/health organization related to you or a loved one
  5. General services/medical/health organization (hospital, etc.)
  6. Your school/college/university or other educational organizations
  7. Other

Step 2: Decide how much to leave to each cause.

Option #1: Leaving a percentage of your estate.

A fixed percentage of your estate to your church/charity, whether it's a 10% "tithe" of your estate or some other percentage to each cause.

Option #2: Leaving a flat dollar amount.

Option #3: Leaving specific possessions.

This could include certain stocks, specific real estate, or life insurance policies.

Option #4: Making your church/charity an additional beneficiary.

This involves adding your church/charity as additional beneficiaries, and then dividing out the estate equally amongst all beneficiaries. For example, Bob and Mary have 3 children, John, Jane, and Sue. By adding their church as the 4th beneficiary, Bob and Mary will leave 25% to John, 25% to Jane, 25% to Sue, and 25% to their church.